Physical Gold & Silver – “Financial Insurance” for your Wealth

Dear Prospective Client:

Okay, do you really feel safe with your wealth?  If you answer, no, then let’s discuss why you should have Physical Gold and Silver and why merely holding equities (i.e. publicly held stock, bonds, etc) exposes you even more by not having a diversified portfolio which includes the all-too-important asset class of precious metals.

#1:  Hedging Financial Markets and Long Term Wealth Preservation – An ounce of physical Gold or Silver always holds value. It’s like “financial insurance”.  Likewise, when the stock market crashes, physical Gold and Silver goes up in value.

When you buy Gold and Silver you are making a decision to diversity a portion of your funds into a “tangible asset”.  Over time the asset will appreciate in value.  See the chart below:Example of how $10,000 in PhysicalThere is a similarity to Real Estate as you buy a physical asset that you hold either as an investment or to use for living, recreation or other reasons.  Physical Gold and Silver can be liquidated along the way once the value goes up, or some own Physical Gold and Silver their entire lives and eventually pass it to family members.

The value over the long term is attractive!  For example, someone who bought an ounce of Gold in the year 2000 and held on to it for the last 15 years, would see an increase of nearly 4-times their original investment.

#2:  It’s a Private Asset – Physical Gold and Physical Silver is considered a private investment and non-reportable to the government.  Don’t get caught holding stocks, bonds, etc. as these are not considered private and are reportable to the government.  Additionally, Gold and Silver ETF’s are often not fully allocated, meaning that they are not backed by actual physical Gold and Silver — simply put, you’re holding just another “paper” asset.

All Gold and Silver is NOT the SAME

There are two ways you can purchase and hold physical Gold and Silver:
  • Purchase Physical Gold and Silver from us and we will ship it directly to you, or
  • Open up a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA account using your old employer’s 401(k), a current IRA, SEP or similar retirement account.  You can transfer (i.e., “self-direct”) part or all funds from your existing IRA, 401(k) or SEP account into a Precious Metals IRA which maintains the exact same tax-deferred benefits that you currently enjoy.  You own Physical Gold and/or Silver coins and/or bars (of your choosing) that are securely stored in a third-party depository and registered in your name.  You can take possession or liquidate your coins or bars at any time, including your normal distributions – no different than your current retirement account.  You will want to consult with your tax adviser for implications.

* ASK US ABOUT “SPECIAL PROMOTION” TO COVER COST OF FEES (account set-up, administration and storage).

Our mission at Fidelity Gold & Silver is to help you implement a plan to protect, grow and manage your precious metals investment.  We are based in Naples, FL and work with clients across the country.

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